For more time with your kids

Just how much time you need for preparing some of the activities for your litle one? Did you take enough clothes, food, blanket, toys etc, and it's not just that, we need to think whether the surfaces on which they are playing are sufficiently clean, whether they feel comfortable during the long trip, how to protect the stoddle, feeding chair or some of the others accessories that you are using in daycare of your baby from spilled food and drink. We know what happens when the children are in touch with food and drink and how difficult it is to clean the stroddle, car seat... As a mother, every day I was occupied by these problems and I have start to thinking how to be more multipractical in everyday care and save more time for me and my doughter. I have created Baby Multipractic blanket with 9 functionalities that suitably fit on all accessories that we are using. Easy to use, protects your baby and your items...


Composed of cotton that gives a spongy structure so that it can quickly and easily absorb sweat and dirt in the summer to leave the baby skin dry and protected, while in the winter to warm them up.


It's designed to fit all the accessories you use on a daily basis while you are with your child. It is easy and fast to fit on each of your accessories and this makes it multifunctional to use at any time.

Дезени на Baby Multipractic

Different patterns

We have several different models with different patterns & colors from which you can choose whether it is for your boy or girls. Dimensions are 110x80cm and you can use it up to 5 years old for your loved ones.

And that's not all...

You can make your Baby Multipractic unique with printed name of your loved one on the blanket...


Where and how you can use MULTIPRACTIC

Cover For Stroller Seat

It fits your stroller perfectly. You can easily place it on the seat by feeding stroller straps through the slits to secure the child and by binding the side strings to fix this product to the stroller. It protects your stroller from dirt and damages, while the soft and gentle fabric gives a sense of coziness to your loved one and reduces perspiration in hot summer days.

Навлака за транспортер

Transporter Basket Cover

Baby Multipractic is a convenient product for covering your transporter basket as well. The harness straps are fed through the slits in the middle, so your baby can be fastened and safe.It protects the transporter from dirt and damages and keeps the baby comfy and relaxed.

Навлака за седиште во автомобил

Infant Car Seat Cover

Baby Multipractic is an excellent cover for your infant car seat. The light cotton texture reduces perspiration and absorbs the sweat, keeping children's skin dry and tender. At the same time, it protects the seat from stains and food that children enjoy eating while driving in the car.


Cover for Feeding Chair

The harness straps of the chair are threaded through the openings to secure the child in the chair. Furthermore, it protects against food stains and damages, and then it is very easy to remove the cover and put it in the washing machine.

Ќебенце со капче

Hooded Baby Blanket

While you are for a walk outside your home be prepared for those unexpected weather changes and convert baby multipractic in a blanket with hood to warm you child.

Вреќа за спиење на новороденче

Sleeping Bag for Newborn

Use Baby Multipractic as sleeping bag to swaddle your bundle of joy from the first night. Keep you baby snug as a bug in this soft and warm blanket.

Навлака за транспортер

Cover for Baby Relax Chair

Baby Mulipractic is an excellent fit for your baby relax char. The slits in the middle serve to feed through the security straps holding the child in the chair. It protects the relax chair from dirt and damages and keeps the baby comfortable and relaxed.

Подлога за играње

Playing Mat

With Baby Multipractic make safe environment for you loved ones to play. Baby Multipractic is the thing you and your child need for that carefree playtime in the park, beach or at home. Despite for playing, it can be used as changing mat.

Марама за доење

Nursing Scarf

Baby Multipractic can be used as nursing scarf, giving you privacy when breastfeeding your baby. The strings help tie the scarf around the neck and back, keeping privacy for moms and providing dimmed surroundings for babies. The lower part of the scurf has a handy pocket which can be used for keeping pacifiers, napkins or whatever seems necessary for nursing.